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The way he portrayed Dhoni Sir is one of the finest performance that this world cinema could ever had.

All India Rank 7 in AIEEE but still left his academic career and entered bollywood. The man with a 440 volt smile, amazing acting skills and above all a heart of gold.

Still shocked to hear about it. We lost a gem today. But now it’s lesson, a life lesson to be taken.
Life is precious don’t let your emotions trigger you and take you on a way that you can never come back from. Every sunset is followed by a sunrise so don’t let the dark nights scare you. Sometimes we don’t know what the other person is going through. The prettiest smiles carry the scariest things behind them. So “Talk to others”. Talk to your Family, Friends and solve it out. Yes sometimes people will not understand you but still they’ll try to atleast listen you.
And at last pray, because God has every solution.

May his soul rest in peace.

Stay Safe. Stay Strong.

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2k20 !

366 days more….

366 days more to add sparkle in our lives

366 days more to unroll our magic

366 days more to explore the beauty around us

366 days more to outspread our energies

366 days more to absord positive vibes

366 days more to radiate kindness

366 days more to live our life the way we’ve imagined

And 366 days more to follow our dreams

🌠May we have the best 366 days 🌠