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Moon !

Moon is alone,
but still look at it’s glow.
It teaches us,
to go with the flow.
Teaches us to do a comeback,
no matter if everything gets black.
~Shagun Thakur💫

Eid Mubarak 🌙

Stay home. Stay safe.

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Fly high !

Fly high,
until you reach the sky.
Go far,
and pluck the stars.
People will laugh,
and will raise the graph.
They’ll pull you down,
don’t let them snatch your crown.
They’ll demotivate,
they’ll hate.
But don’t you listen,
and go spark your glisten.

~Shagun Thakur💫

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You’re still exisiting !

Greetings my amiable readers. Today it’s been 6 wonderful months of writing this blog, writing for such great viewers and readers. I wanna express my gratitude and a big big thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog posts💌.

Back to work “Read that title again”. You’re still existing ! You’re still just existing ?

Life is short, very short to just exist. But even a day is enough to “live”. Feel blessed that you got this opportunity, this opportunity to express, to laugh, to love, to explore, to pray, to fight, and to live.

With every morning comes a new page of your life. A page that is blank. It’s totally in your hand that how you fill up that page. How creative you are in filling that page has a major part in deciding your future. And the best part is that the more interest you’ll take in decorating the canvas of your life the more interesting stories you’ll be able to tell to your coming future generations.

💦Do not just watch the raindrops falling down, learn to feel them.

🍃Don’t just give out carbon dioxide and take in oxygen, learn to breath the aroma the atmosphere has.

👀Don’t just see the world, learn to capture the memories ,not in your phone but in your heart.

🚸 Don’t just walk, learn to enjoy every bend that comes throughout your way.

💥Don’t just sit, learn to try everything new that comes to your mind. Do everything that you have or once you had in your bucket list.

🌻 Don’t look at the 100 reasons to be sad about, learn to experience the 1000 reasons to be happy about.

💭Don’t just think, learn to imagine how you’ll celebrate when you’ll have everything once you wished for.

🌝Don’t just smile, learn to be happy.

❤️Don’t just exist, learn to live. Live the one and only life you have. Live the one and only life you’re blessed with.

And there can be no other ending quote other than the one I personally love the most. “You can’t be old and wise, if you were never young and crazy“.

Mind that !

You’re lucky, you’re lucky my friend that you have this life. And the moment you’ll realise it’s importance trust me you’ll become the luckiest.

So so and so LIVE LAUGH and LOVE.

Stay home and stay safe.

Keep reading. Keep supporting. See you🙂.

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Not now but soon ! 🤞

Greetings and regards

Still chasing ? Tired ? No result ? No problem.

It’s been seconds, minutes, hours, days, and months but still that one thing that one precious thing is not falling in our way. We’re trying our best, giving it our heart and sweat but still our patience is being tested.

You know why ? Why it’s happening with you or only with you ? Because GOD knows that what a lion can handle and a sheep can’t (not calling you a sheep).

Talking with an example: Try making a cup of tea for yourself and then have one from a cafe. Which tastes better ? The cafe one will taste better but which one makes you happier ? Obviously the one you made. Making even a cup of tea took time but even those 5-10 minutes gave us a reason to smile and a delightful memory to cherish afterwards no matter even how pathetic it tasted😂. The cafe one didn’t took time but the one that took time was worth sipping up.

Yes things are tough, they are taking time, they are creating some troublesome situations, they sometimes make you weak, they sometimes break you vigorously but but and but do you noticed that these things are making you strong in a way that you never even imagined you could be.

For everything that you have learned or you’re going to learn you have to pay a price. You’re becoming stronger with every passing day dear, don’t even try to give up. Because हार मानने और हार होने में बस एक फर्क है, और बस वही एक फर्क ज़िंदगी है। Rome was not built in a day similarly the greatest stories need time, need efforts, need courage, and need an attitude (kinda savage😉) to handle it. And as I always say “smiling is compulsory”. Don’t let these temporary situations theft away your pretty smile.

Face everything with a smile and see you’ll get your “everything”(Touchwood❣️).

So stop, take a deep breath and say “Not Now But Soon” because my amiable audiences nothing easy is that remarkable, right ?

Keep reading. Keep supporting. See you🙂.

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Face it with that curve !

I was in class 7th when I read a thought, “if life gives you hundred reasons to cry then show life that you have thousand reasons to smile” .This particular thought truly fascinated me. And even then, at the age of “just 12”, it does hit me hard. Maybe not as hard as I understood it today but yes I was amazed, amazed to see how the “occult thing called life” has a vibrant showcase.

So today let’s talk about a curve. Yes I am talking about that curve, the one that radiates you externally, the one that energizes you internally, the one you look the prettiest (even handsome😅) with, and the one that suits you the most. Yes you got it right that’s your SMILE.

See there is no surety that tomorrow you’ll have a reason to smile or not so why to waste these moments, the valueable moments. Live in the present they say. Live and smile in the present I correct them.

No matter what’s going in your life, and what-whatever you are going through, “face” the “phases” of your life with a smile on your “face. And trust me it will help you to sort-out everything. It will boost your confidence and will give you positive energies.

Because what-so-ever is going in your life ,you HAVE to face it. No one is going to solve it out for you. You have to clean all the mess yourself, you have to be strong throughout the way. So why not to do it with a smile ? Smile doesn’t comes with any GST I suppose😐. So why to be a miser in smiling. I mean that wide smile suits you a lot and you glow, you glow like anything else.

So my amiable audiences remember that “🎈a smile is a curve that sets everything straight🎈”.

Keep reading. Keep supporting. See you🙂.

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On the fence !

Regards and greetings

Utilising my holidays in the best way possible. And so here I am with my another blog post😅.

Confusion, confusion, and a lot of confusion. Confused about what to do, when to do and of course how to do. Honestly speaking even I was confused about the topic of my next blog and so I decided to write on “that” confusion.

Confusion is nothing but a dilemma that we face while choosing a way out of the options present in front of us. What I majorly want to focus on is that Don’t be afraid of confusion🌀.

Tom Peters said “If you are not confused, then you’re not paying attention“. So take it easy, confusions are good. It means you are involved, you are interested and so you’re facing that dilemma. These confusions test our patience, they improve our decision-making quality, they make us strong, they tell us our weakness, and they ultimately expand our outlook.

The most offered confusion is between our brain and our heart. I also face several situations where I am confused about what to do next. But wait, I’ll not tell you to listen to your mind and will neither ask you to go with your heart but what I do is that go with your brain but choose a way which profits your heart. What I mean to say is that “choose the option that your brain prefers but make sure that it avails your heart”.

Confusion is just an another way of saying that I need time ,that’s all and that’s totally fine. Don’t think that if you are confused it means that you are not able to take good decisions, NO, not at all . It’s just that you need more time to make a better decision by focusing on all the possible options that are probably available. Confusion enhances our perspective and clarifies our point of view to ourselves and to others.

But yes confusions should be healthy. Overthinking should be avoided. Think about it once and execute it. Don’t care about what others will think . Have enough courage to handle the result. And I repeat “don’t think what others will say” because your happiness is what that matters at the end.

Keep reading, keep supporting. See you🙂.

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Don’t let “Giving Up” be your cup of tea !

Greetings and Regards

The beauty of spring after the harshness of autumn is the most mighty example of not giving up. If the leaves and flowers can have such a powerful and beautiful (of course) comeback then why do we as humans fear of it ?

💭Memorize the determination you had when you were 7 years old and you got a new bicycle. You learned to paddle it in a week, by practicing it the whole day. If you’ve had quitted it then how would you have learned it💭.

You are strong. You just need a determined attitude and smile on your face. You are a champion (Someone’s Champion♥️). You are someones’s sunshine, someone’s ray of hope. How can you quit ?

What’s yours will find a way to you. Have patience and have determination because you didn’t come this far to only come this far. Your determination tests your capability to face a situation, a situation which is temporary but a fruit which will be permanent. *Giving up is not a solution, learn to fight, be a warrior, and prove yourself to “yourself”.

FIGHT, LEARN, PRAY and WIN but DON’T QUIT. What if I say you’ll achieve it tomorrow and what if you gave up today. It will hurt, it will hurt that you were almost there but just a moment ago you gave up. Every moment is the best one to startup but also every moment is a worst one to quit.

So the moment you feel like quitting, remember why you started -Anon.

It will happen, things will fall into your way you just keep on moving because good things take time.

So my amiable audiences “ज़िन्दगी में कुछ भी हो जाए बस कभी हार मत मानना”🚫.

Keep reading. Keep supporting. See you🙂.

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Believe !

Hey everyone !
So finally I am here with my very first content i.e. ⚡Believe⚡.
Honestly speaking it took me just a minute to decide my very first blog topic because afterall it was “Believe” only that made me write. I believed on myself that I should write even if no one is reading then also (not so😅). As a result here I am (nothing can be done now😁) .
Okay so have you ever felt that the whole world is against you and then a voice comes “No, you can do it” ? Yesss that voice, that voice is your so-called self-believe. Before believing on someone else we should believe on ourself.

Believe that one day everything will be fine, one day you’ll shine, one day you’ll make your Parents proud, one day you’ll be exploring your dream destination, one day you’ll meet your favorite celeb, one day you’ll crack the exam you’re preparing for, one day you’ll be working with your ideal MNC , one day you’ll get yourself your favorite watch ,one day you’ll get everything (and everyone) you love and one fine day you’ll surely pluck the stars💫.

So my amiable audience next time when “it’s complicated” the only thing you do is BELIEVE, Believe in YOURSELF, Believe that-” IF YOU ARE RIGHT THEN YOU DESERVE RIGHT”🤞🏻.

Keep reading , keep supporting . See you.🙂