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Move in line !

“Move in line” yes that was exactly our favourite phrase when we were given the responsibility of being prefects in our School (really wanna relive those golden days❤️). As I was also one of the prefect so it was same with me as well. Our first and foremost duty was to stand in corridors at our fixed places after assembly/ recess/lunch and to look out after the discipline. So that’s the reason I choosed the title as it is.

Honestly speaking if you ask me about that one attribute or that one quality that I look out for, in a person, then my answer would be “discipline”.

Whatever you want to be in your life; you want to become a Doctor, an Engineer, an Entrepreneur, Army officer, a Footballer, a Teacher, an IAS officer or may be a successful Blogger, but that one streak that is common in all these professions or I should say in every possible profession is DISCIPLINE.


Without discipline there can be no “wise” achievement. The discipline might seem boring for a particular time but when results are in front of you than you’re surely gonna experience it’s worth.

Discipline should be the backbone for anything and everything. And yes sometimes people might call you old-fashioned, boring, an old crap, also you may get the title of being rude (my personal experience 😅) but instead of taking it seriously you should take it lightly and even in a rather funny way (my personal experience again). Don’t care about what others will say because the other person knows only the one side not the other one, right ?

So coming back from my personal experiences to “The Discipline”, it’s that one major trait that is important to be taught to a person while he is a child. The growth of a child into an adult doesn’t only happens physically or mentally but it majorly depends upon our etiquettes, our morals and of course our manners.

Also I wanna include a very important* point. Let’s talk about the present generation’s scenario or the so-called today’s generation. “This generation is just so ____” (fill-out it with whatever negative remark you’ve listened yourself because I am sure you’ve listened one or the other). And what I feel like is that the major drawback of this generation’s present situation is “lack of discipline” or lack of the “self- taught morale” (will write a post on it for sure).

People are just trying to pull the other one down (literally not everyone), people are just ever-ready to judge others on the basis they themselves aren’t capable of. So why these things are happening ? The crimes, the miss-happenings, the fights, the hatred-spreading game and why the younger generation is a major part of all this.

The answer is lack-of-discipline.

It’s not like they were not taught the etiquettes, the morals or the manners but the problem is, they themselves didn’t have enough courage to drive themselves away from these negative traits or negative people. Or I should directly say that they don’t have enough guts to stand up for the “Truth” and find it easy to be a part of the “Adverse”.

No I am not blaming these people but yes I am suggesting them that let let and let discipline be your basic establishment, just for once, and you can win every race.

So my amiable readers hope you all are doing well and great. And thank you for giving this post a read. Stay safe. Have a good day !

Keep reading. Keep supporting. See you. 🙂


• 18 year old Indian girl ! • Study enthusiast • Chasing shuttlecock • Cricket-geek • Loves dancing • An orater by passion • A blogger by choice • And a warrior by blood

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