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You’re still exisiting !

Greetings my amiable readers. Today it’s been 6 wonderful months of writing this blog, writing for such great viewers and readers. I wanna express my gratitude and a big big thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog posts💌.

Back to work “Read that title again”. You’re still existing ! You’re still just existing ?

Life is short, very short to just exist. But even a day is enough to “live”. Feel blessed that you got this opportunity, this opportunity to express, to laugh, to love, to explore, to pray, to fight, and to live.

With every morning comes a new page of your life. A page that is blank. It’s totally in your hand that how you fill up that page. How creative you are in filling that page has a major part in deciding your future. And the best part is that the more interest you’ll take in decorating the canvas of your life the more interesting stories you’ll be able to tell to your coming future generations.

💦Do not just watch the raindrops falling down, learn to feel them.

🍃Don’t just give out carbon dioxide and take in oxygen, learn to breath the aroma the atmosphere has.

👀Don’t just see the world, learn to capture the memories ,not in your phone but in your heart.

🚸 Don’t just walk, learn to enjoy every bend that comes throughout your way.

💥Don’t just sit, learn to try everything new that comes to your mind. Do everything that you have or once you had in your bucket list.

🌻 Don’t look at the 100 reasons to be sad about, learn to experience the 1000 reasons to be happy about.

💭Don’t just think, learn to imagine how you’ll celebrate when you’ll have everything once you wished for.

🌝Don’t just smile, learn to be happy.

❤️Don’t just exist, learn to live. Live the one and only life you have. Live the one and only life you’re blessed with.

And there can be no other ending quote other than the one I personally love the most. “You can’t be old and wise, if you were never young and crazy“.

Mind that !

You’re lucky, you’re lucky my friend that you have this life. And the moment you’ll realise it’s importance trust me you’ll become the luckiest.

So so and so LIVE LAUGH and LOVE.

Stay home and stay safe.

Keep reading. Keep supporting. See you🙂.


• 18 year old Indian girl ! • Study enthusiast • Chasing shuttlecock • Cricket-geek • Loves dancing • An orater by passion • A blogger by choice • And a warrior by blood

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