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160 steps to heaven !

📍Kotdwar, Uttarakhand

June,2018 ; There’s always something magical about family trips. And if you’re exploring mountains it emerges as the icing on the cake .

“Heyyyyy mountainssss”- I shouted on top of my voice as we entered Uttarakhand. It wasn’t first time I was visiting Uttarakhand neither it was the first time I was seeing mountains. But my love for mountains is an endless venture and it’s something I can never grow up to be excited for.

So it was a trip to Haridwar, Uttarakhand because my Aunt’s family stays there so we regularly keep visiting them. Soon we reached our destination. And everyone was excited to meet up after a whole year. We the siblings already started planning that what all we’re gonna do and where we’re gonna visit within that week. So randomly someone suggested to visit Shri Sidhbali Temple in Kotdwar city of Uttarakhand.

So the very next day we headed toward our destination. It was around 75 Kms from home. 75 Kms, 9 people, and infinite trip memories.

Kotdwar is a city situated at an altitude of 1,700m above sea level which is surrounded with thick oak and beautiful blue pine forest in the Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand, India. Kotdwar initially originated from word “Khohdwara” meaning the gateway of river Khoh, since it is located on the bank of river Khoh.

A centre of faith and devotion Shri Sidhbali temple have been a place of meditation of many great saints( sidh). The temple is painted in deep orange colour, the favourite colour of Lord Shri Hanuman. The surrounding scenerio and hill forests at the backdrop of temple makes it more attractive for the visitors and tourists.

As we reached the temple ground we were informed that the temple is 160 steps above the ground. So basically we had to climb 160 stairs to reach the main temple. And trust me that experience was magnificent. 160 steps are very easy to climb when you have the best company and that excitement within you. So as we reached at the top. . . . . yes we took that 5 second break to look at that breathtaking view. That whole view was surrounded by river Khoh and it looked like we are sneaking through heaven to look at that particular part of earth.

View from hill-top.
Showing off my photography skills 😅

That view had peace in the air. That view had a sparkle of spirituality. And of course that view do gave us all goosebumps. In one word it was panoramic.

So we entered the temple, took blessings of Shri Sidhbali. We also had our lunch there. We were in the temple for about two hours. And that two hours were seriously one of the most peaceful two hours we all experienced. The air, the atmosphere, the mountains around, the birds chirping, the sound of bhajan, everything, literally everything was so calm and quite.

We came down. Then we had “shikanji” a typical Indian drink of lemon and sugar added in water. We also had some local famous food stuff. So while moving back when we looked back at that temple from a certain distance we still had that peace, peace in our soul and in our mind. So this travel story was one of my favourite because of two reasons. Firstly because it included a sense of faith and our spiritual devotion and secondly it included mountains 😍.

Can you spot the temple ? It’s there the orange one.

Will share some more of my travel stories with you all.Keep reading. Keep supporting. See you🙂.

And most importantly stay safe and take precautions. We will get through it together very soon.


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