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Spread awareness, Not rumours !

Greetings and regards.

I hope you all are staying home, following safety measures and keeping your Family safe.

With everything going around what we really need to understand is that “spread awareness and not at all share the rumours”. Day before yesterday I came across a very witty incident (dumb too). A news channel was showing a news about certain people who believed that if the small children offer water to 7 people around them then they will escape from this pandemic COVID-19. Yes you read it right. I had that same expressionless face with a shocking “what ?”. And hearing this news through a very certified TV channel was really like “are you kidding ?”.

I mean come on people we are living in 21st century. We have a subject called “SCIENCE”. And literally like what is going on? Let’s not stop using our minds because of the so-called fear and hype created by people.

What I want to focus on is that there is a very thin line between “faith” and “superstition”. On one side our Doctors and nurses are fighting for us with the scientific and technological help and on the other side what are we doing ? Believing on such baseless rumours.

And also there are people debating on that no one will survive this virus. So for them I have a reply that – okay we’re gonna die so okay no problem BUT it’s far better to just die than to die believing in such baseless rumours.

The situation is already serious. So let’s not make it a hype and believe or spread these rumours.

One of my friend Mansimran Kaur ( ) has worked and started an initiative to spread awareness about these rumours. So give it a look and also I am sharing her work in my post. She has clearly mentioned that how these rumours took many lives in Iran. So let’s use our brains (an organ that is not in a quarantine I suppose) so that anything like this doesn’t happens in India.

So next time no spreading and believing these rumours (don’t even hear them). And please do follow the lockdown guidelines very seriously. Following this lockdown will not give anything to the government but it is done to protect us, our families and this entire nation. Let’s pray and hope that everything gets okay and back to normal.

Stay safe, take precautions, don’t worry and I hope you’re having a great time with your Family.



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