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Not now but soon ! 🤞

Greetings and regards

Still chasing ? Tired ? No result ? No problem.

It’s been seconds, minutes, hours, days, and months but still that one thing that one precious thing is not falling in our way. We’re trying our best, giving it our heart and sweat but still our patience is being tested.

You know why ? Why it’s happening with you or only with you ? Because GOD knows that what a lion can handle and a sheep can’t (not calling you a sheep).

Talking with an example: Try making a cup of tea for yourself and then have one from a cafe. Which tastes better ? The cafe one will taste better but which one makes you happier ? Obviously the one you made. Making even a cup of tea took time but even those 5-10 minutes gave us a reason to smile and a delightful memory to cherish afterwards no matter even how pathetic it tasted😂. The cafe one didn’t took time but the one that took time was worth sipping up.

Yes things are tough, they are taking time, they are creating some troublesome situations, they sometimes make you weak, they sometimes break you vigorously but but and but do you noticed that these things are making you strong in a way that you never even imagined you could be.

For everything that you have learned or you’re going to learn you have to pay a price. You’re becoming stronger with every passing day dear, don’t even try to give up. Because हार मानने और हार होने में बस एक फर्क है, और बस वही एक फर्क ज़िंदगी है। Rome was not built in a day similarly the greatest stories need time, need efforts, need courage, and need an attitude (kinda savage😉) to handle it. And as I always say “smiling is compulsory”. Don’t let these temporary situations theft away your pretty smile.

Face everything with a smile and see you’ll get your “everything”(Touchwood❣️).

So stop, take a deep breath and say “Not Now But Soon” because my amiable audiences nothing easy is that remarkable, right ?

Keep reading. Keep supporting. See you🙂.


• 18 year old Indian girl ! • Study enthusiast • Chasing shuttlecock • Cricket-geek • Loves dancing • An orater by passion • A blogger by choice • And a warrior by blood

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