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Those 95 kms !

Phone fully charged, stuff packed, charger checked, cupboard locked, door fastened, keys kept and finally wored my favourite violet sneakers. Moving towards my University gate I had millions of thoughts going inside my head. Thoughts full of excitement, full of energies and thoughts full of adding a new adventure in my life🐾.

My first solo bus journey. First, did you read “first”. Me and only me for the upcoming 95 kms. And nervousness….I don’t believe in the concept of being nervous (never ever). As I was going HOME from hostel so my bag was full of clothes, actually clothes to-be-washed😅 so it was heavy but afterall I was going HOME so the happiness was on cloud 9.

And I still have it

From my University gate I took an auto. And there were 5 people in that auto including me. And and and the lady sitting next to me, oh man her bag was literally on my face and I was like “wait! what?😂”.

So after 9 kms I reached “Satellite” (that’s actually the name of the bus station). Then came the icing on the cake moment that was crossing the 4 lane highway 😂 where you don’t have any idea which way the vehicles move. But I did it easily, and that’s not a big deal actually. Then I knewed where the bus would be standing so I found one written शाहजहांपुर on it.

As I climbed those biggg stairs I was finally in the bus and it had only 5-6 people. So I found my seat very easily. After 5 minutes bus was full and finally “The Journey Began”.

As the bus was moving my mind was also brewing up with lots and lots of notions. While looking outside the window I was thinking about everything possible. Then suddenly I remembered about the “kurkure” in my bag. Oh my God how can I forget it. (And being super-honest) I also had cookies after this😉.

With all this munching, window views, chatters of people sitting around me, listening political views of people, ignoring discussions on who’s winning big boss, listening a song or two because of not being a that great fan of listening music on earplugs (rather I prefer playing it on speakers), with a bit of dust over my face, regular calls from HOME I finally entered my district. Then after 18-20 kms I stood up from my seat and told the conductor uncle to stop the bus on my mark. Bus stopped, I got down and gave a million dollar smile (after hours) to Papa. And mission 95 kms was successful✅.

Those 95 kms(on papers it’s 90), 3 hours 10 minutes and hundreds of snapshots of the journey will always remain in my hippocampus (part of brain). I know you’re thinking that what a big deal in it but but and but my mantra for life is to enjoy every nanosecond of it and doing even the smallest thing with greatest joy possible….and guess what “I did it”.

Keep reading. Keep supporting. See you🙂.

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