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It’s okay !

Not gonna write “something new” but yes gonna drag your attention towards “something important”.

It’s a high time now. High time of taking the men around us as an advantage. We’ve started taking the men around us as an iron suited superheroes who doesn’t have any emotions, who don’t feel pain, who can’t even cry.

Why ?

Why ? I mean, are they not humans ? Why it’s okay to see a woman crying and why are we shocked if a tear roles down on that face with moustache. Why ?

They too have emotions, they too are humans. The extent to which I am concerned I relate “men” as coconuts. Yes like a cocunut; hard from outside but soft from inside. They don’t show doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings. They don’t cry doesn’t means they don’t have lacrimal glands (being a bio student though).

Rather than appreciating their quality of handling situations, WE, the “so-called society” has started considering them as an emotionless creature. They too need a shoulder, a shoulder not just to cry on but a shoulder to rely on.

Talk! Ask! Share!

Talk ,talk to them about the things that you think can prick them. Start it with your Family, the male members of your Family. Ask them, and tell them that it’s okay, it’s okay to speak. It’s okay to talk. And it’s totally okay to share their feelings and express themselves.

It’s high time to assimilate that Men are not robots. They are just good at pretending, that’s all and that’s it. Don’t take their quality of better understanding for-granted. Their health matters, their mental happiness matters. Stop judging people on the basis of gender. If it’s okay for a woman to cry and express her feelings than it’s totally okay for a man too.

So let’s make a change and ask the super”heroes” around us to express, to share their sentiments, their fondness, and let’s stop making them feel vulnerable for shedding a tear or two.

#LetsTalk #ItsOkay


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