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Face it with that curve !

I was in class 7th when I read a thought, “if life gives you hundred reasons to cry then show life that you have thousand reasons to smile” .This particular thought truly fascinated me. And even then, at the age of “just 12”, it does hit me hard. Maybe not as hard as I understood it today but yes I was amazed, amazed to see how the “occult thing called life” has a vibrant showcase.

So today let’s talk about a curve. Yes I am talking about that curve, the one that radiates you externally, the one that energizes you internally, the one you look the prettiest (even handsome😅) with, and the one that suits you the most. Yes you got it right that’s your SMILE.

See there is no surety that tomorrow you’ll have a reason to smile or not so why to waste these moments, the valueable moments. Live in the present they say. Live and smile in the present I correct them.

No matter what’s going in your life, and what-whatever you are going through, “face” the “phases” of your life with a smile on your “face. And trust me it will help you to sort-out everything. It will boost your confidence and will give you positive energies.

Because what-so-ever is going in your life ,you HAVE to face it. No one is going to solve it out for you. You have to clean all the mess yourself, you have to be strong throughout the way. So why not to do it with a smile ? Smile doesn’t comes with any GST I suppose😐. So why to be a miser in smiling. I mean that wide smile suits you a lot and you glow, you glow like anything else.

So my amiable audiences remember that “🎈a smile is a curve that sets everything straight🎈”.

Keep reading. Keep supporting. See you🙂.


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