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On the fence !

Regards and greetings

Utilising my holidays in the best way possible. And so here I am with my another blog post😅.

Confusion, confusion, and a lot of confusion. Confused about what to do, when to do and of course how to do. Honestly speaking even I was confused about the topic of my next blog and so I decided to write on “that” confusion.

Confusion is nothing but a dilemma that we face while choosing a way out of the options present in front of us. What I majorly want to focus on is that Don’t be afraid of confusion🌀.

Tom Peters said “If you are not confused, then you’re not paying attention“. So take it easy, confusions are good. It means you are involved, you are interested and so you’re facing that dilemma. These confusions test our patience, they improve our decision-making quality, they make us strong, they tell us our weakness, and they ultimately expand our outlook.

The most offered confusion is between our brain and our heart. I also face several situations where I am confused about what to do next. But wait, I’ll not tell you to listen to your mind and will neither ask you to go with your heart but what I do is that go with your brain but choose a way which profits your heart. What I mean to say is that “choose the option that your brain prefers but make sure that it avails your heart”.

Confusion is just an another way of saying that I need time ,that’s all and that’s totally fine. Don’t think that if you are confused it means that you are not able to take good decisions, NO, not at all . It’s just that you need more time to make a better decision by focusing on all the possible options that are probably available. Confusion enhances our perspective and clarifies our point of view to ourselves and to others.

But yes confusions should be healthy. Overthinking should be avoided. Think about it once and execute it. Don’t care about what others will think . Have enough courage to handle the result. And I repeat “don’t think what others will say” because your happiness is what that matters at the end.

Keep reading, keep supporting. See you🙂.


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