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Warrior !

Be a warrior & never give up !

▪️“गिरते हैं शहसवार मैदान-ए-जंग में, वह तिफ्ल क्या गिरे जो घुटनों के बल चले”▪️

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Little things !


You don’t know that whether you’ll be able to do a thing twice so when you do it for the first time, do it with all your heart. Learn to live and enjoy the little things in your life because क्या पता कल हो ना हो 🌻
~Shagun Thakur

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The “Tragic-Magic” !

Technology and today’s generation

every coin has two faces
hope that you are experiencing the positive one.

So my amiable readers I hope you all are doing well and great. May this new year bring lots and lots of happiness and positive energies to all of you.

Keep reading. Keep supporting. See you.🙂

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1 year of “Being Proton” !

I made it 😅

Total 3,004 views,
from 28 countries around the globe,
with total 1,544 visitors,
111 amazing followers
in just 40 posts.

These digits might look trivial but they mean a lot and lot and lot to me. A year of blogging and a year that added a very special feather in my cap.

On 07/11/2019 when I created my Blog I had no idea that what’s going to happen next. I wasn’t even sure that people will read it or not, forget liking it. Honestly speaking I was like “it’s going to be just my hobby kind of a thing to post a thing or two” but look here I am because of all you lovely people who have been such outstanding readers through this 1 year and have read my blogs no matter even if sometimes they weren’t not that good.

♥️Today I’ll also take a moment to thank my Family for always, literally always supporting me and encouraging me to try something new and follow my dreams & passios(s). And a special thank you to my Mumma for always inspiring me . Also a big thank you to my friends (can’t miss this out 😅).

And obviously I would thank you to you guys for reading my blogs, liking them, for all the appreciation I get through comments. Thank you so much, because I really don’t have enough words today. I want to write a lot but also I am speechless. I have really got more than what I expected.

And at last but not the least thank you God for making me believe in myself and giving me the best of people in my life.

Also today my one more bucket-list dream came true, i.e. to deliver a “thank you speech”😂.

And yes most importantly to everyone reading it out “Nothing is impossible”, Follow your dreams BUT also follow your passion. Even start giving importance to your hobbies (like I did).

You’ve got only one life so do everything, everything that comes to your mind. Some people might call you “unfocused” but remember it’s not the sense of being unfocused BUT it’s all about being alive and being versatile. They aren’t having that element of versatility doesn’t mean you’ll not express yours.

So my amiable readers hope you all are doing well and great. And thank you for giving this post a read. Stay safe. Have a good day !

Cheers to many more years, touchwood🤞🏻.

Keep reading. Keep supporting.
Till then Namaste, Allah Hafiz, Rab Rakha, See you🙂 !

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World Mental Health Day !



You’re important.
You’re loved.
You’re strong.
You’re different.
You’re beautiful.
Just breathe, this too shall pass.
Be kind to others (& yourself).
Be helpful to others (& yourself).

•and most importantly•
You matter today, tomorrow and everyday.

You should be too inspired to be tired. Your time is weak not you SO be a warrior, not a worrier. Do anything but let it produce joy, happiness and a feeling of self-satisfaction.

Shine bright and keep shining.

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You better don’t become like them !

So my amiable readers I hope you all are doing well and great. As in the last post I mentioned that soon I’ll be posting about “The self-taught morale”.So here I am, keeping my promise.

So let’s start with an example and that example is a very common one, from my School days. I experienced it when I was in class 7th. And your experience can surely be different than mine.

So when we ( me and some of my friends) were in class 7th, we noticed that some people around us are indulged in “not-so normal” activities. No I am not talking about drug addiction or anything serious like that but at that age (13 years) even abusing somebody was a big deal, right ?

Even today it is a big-deal or it should be a big-deal but people around have made it a fancy thing to show-off (I don’t know how), anyways. So that was the situation, when we found that okay people around us are indulged in all this so we ourselves made a distance from them. And even when everyone was together (unfortunately) we didn’t spoke the way they did because we knewed our “self-morale”. Neither their not our Parents were there with us everytime but some of us self-realised and self-taught ourselves that no matter if no one is watching us, our Parents are not watching us, our Teachers are not watching us BUT still we need to behave and groom ourselves in a correct way.


So as we already discussed in our previous post about the “today’s generation” so let’s clearify the situation.

A generation of broken people, with incomplete dreams, shattered moral values and full of self- disappoinments .

What else are we “as a generation” ?

Tell me if you have a better introduction, anyone ?

This pandemic gave all of us a chance to self-realise, self-examine and self-explore but what we did ? We took it as a vacation, WOAH !

So what’s the problem with the people around and what’s lacking ?


Every second person here is choking in a way or other because we, the puppets of today’s generation “fear”. We fear of dreaming, we fear of continuing what we have initiated, we fear of the outcomes of our own acts. And most importantly we fear of “responsibilities”. A responsibility to be committed towards our dreams.

We fear of the phrase “how will I focus”. How could you fear of outcomes until you haven’t started ? How would you focus when you don’t know what you want to focus on ?

And for over-coming this you need to set your own standards. Set-up a standard, a standard that who you are, what you should be. A standard that whatever you do you are able to handle it in future, you have courage to accept it in front of “your people” (others should really not matter).

Yes, you play fair because even if no one is watching remember “GOD is watching“.

This self-standard setting is very important because


There were a lot of “?” in this post. So self-realise, think, “take your time” and answer them.

Keep reading. Keep supporting. See you. 🙂

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Move in line !

“Move in line” yes that was exactly our favourite phrase when we were given the responsibility of being prefects in our School (really wanna relive those golden days❤️). As I was also one of the prefect so it was same with me as well. Our first and foremost duty was to stand in corridors at our fixed places after assembly/ recess/lunch and to look out after the discipline. So that’s the reason I choosed the title as it is.

Honestly speaking if you ask me about that one attribute or that one quality that I look out for, in a person, then my answer would be “discipline”.

Whatever you want to be in your life; you want to become a Doctor, an Engineer, an Entrepreneur, Army officer, a Footballer, a Teacher, an IAS officer or may be a successful Blogger, but that one streak that is common in all these professions or I should say in every possible profession is DISCIPLINE.


Without discipline there can be no “wise” achievement. The discipline might seem boring for a particular time but when results are in front of you than you’re surely gonna experience it’s worth.

Discipline should be the backbone for anything and everything. And yes sometimes people might call you old-fashioned, boring, an old crap, also you may get the title of being rude (my personal experience 😅) but instead of taking it seriously you should take it lightly and even in a rather funny way (my personal experience again). Don’t care about what others will say because the other person knows only the one side not the other one, right ?

So coming back from my personal experiences to “The Discipline”, it’s that one major trait that is important to be taught to a person while he is a child. The growth of a child into an adult doesn’t only happens physically or mentally but it majorly depends upon our etiquettes, our morals and of course our manners.

Also I wanna include a very important* point. Let’s talk about the present generation’s scenario or the so-called today’s generation. “This generation is just so ____” (fill-out it with whatever negative remark you’ve listened yourself because I am sure you’ve listened one or the other). And what I feel like is that the major drawback of this generation’s present situation is “lack of discipline” or lack of the “self- taught morale” (will write a post on it for sure).

People are just trying to pull the other one down (literally not everyone), people are just ever-ready to judge others on the basis they themselves aren’t capable of. So why these things are happening ? The crimes, the miss-happenings, the fights, the hatred-spreading game and why the younger generation is a major part of all this.

The answer is lack-of-discipline.

It’s not like they were not taught the etiquettes, the morals or the manners but the problem is, they themselves didn’t have enough courage to drive themselves away from these negative traits or negative people. Or I should directly say that they don’t have enough guts to stand up for the “Truth” and find it easy to be a part of the “Adverse”.

No I am not blaming these people but yes I am suggesting them that let let and let discipline be your basic establishment, just for once, and you can win every race.

So my amiable readers hope you all are doing well and great. And thank you for giving this post a read. Stay safe. Have a good day !

Keep reading. Keep supporting. See you. 🙂

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Jersey no. 7 !

Time taken to draw- 2hrs
Emotions attached- ∞

Not known as the God of Cricket.
Is neither the no.1 batsman in the world.
But this world will never be enough lucky again to get another legend like M.S. Dhoni.
Bow down to the coolest man in the history of world cricket.

From the helicopter shot to the DRS decisions, this man is just unbeatable.

We all miss miss him on the field. Hope we’ll get to see him soon🤞.

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It’s a 50 !

Thank you everyone ✌️

And with this it’s a half century. The very first milestone to be reached🎉.

Thank you everyone and cheers to all of you, “my amiable readers”.

Stay safe. Have a good day !

Keep reading. Keep supporting. See you.🙂

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3 more Award nominations !

So my amiable readers hope you all are doing well and great.

First and foremost really sorry for posting it so late. So I’ve been nominated for 3 more prestigious awards by some really amazing bloggers.


The first one is KENNEDY AWARD OF EXCELLENCE. I have been nominated for this award by , a very experienced blogger and moreover a very kind-hearted person. Thank you so much Sir for this nomination. And do check his blog he has got some really really interesting stuff out there.


The second award is LIEBSTER AWARD. For this I have been nominated by , a blogger who writes about “Cricket”. So if you are a cricket fan like me than do give his blog a read. He writes wonderful ! And thank you so much for this nomination.


The third award is VINCENT EHINDERO BLOGGER AWARD. And for this nomination I am thankful to .She is a blogger who’s simplicity is just great. Give her blog a read too. And thank you so much for nominating me.

For all the above nominations I am thankful to the above mentioned bloggers who are just too good in this field and also to all of you. So thank you so very much for being a part of my journey as a blogger.

And thank you for giving this post a read. Stay safe. Have a good day !

Keep reading. Keep supporting. See you.🙂

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The way he portrayed Dhoni Sir is one of the finest performance that this world cinema could ever had.

All India Rank 7 in AIEEE but still left his academic career and entered bollywood. The man with a 440 volt smile, amazing acting skills and above all a heart of gold.

Still shocked to hear about it. We lost a gem today. But now it’s lesson, a life lesson to be taken.
Life is precious don’t let your emotions trigger you and take you on a way that you can never come back from. Every sunset is followed by a sunrise so don’t let the dark nights scare you. Sometimes we don’t know what the other person is going through. The prettiest smiles carry the scariest things behind them. So “Talk to others”. Talk to your Family, Friends and solve it out. Yes sometimes people will not understand you but still they’ll try to atleast listen you.
And at last pray, because God has every solution.

May his soul rest in peace.

Stay Safe. Stay Strong.

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A Blog With Little Bit Of Everything !

Hey my amiable readers ! So I have been nominated for this “A Blog With Little Bit Of Everything” award by ,a very very big thank you to her for nominating me. This is my very first award nomination and yes I am on cloud 9 (though I am really sorry for posting it so late).

I have been reading her blog regularly and Era Ma’am is such a lovely person and an exceptionally talented blogger. She is very deserving for this nomination. And if you’ve yet not visited her blog then you’ve seriously missed a golden chance. Give her blog a read and a follow too.

And obviously I would be thanking every-everyone of you for your encouragement, love and support, the people who have been with me throughout the way without whom all this was just next to impossible.


  1. Place the ‘A blog with a little bit of everything award’ on the top of your post.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you, and provide a link to their site.
  3. Tell 4 facts about yourself.
  4. Answer their 5 questions.
  5. Nominate up to 5 more people, and provide a link to their site.
  6. Ask them another 5 questions.
  7. Comment on their posts to let them know that they got nominated for the ‘A blog with a little bit of everything award!’

4 facts about myself:

1. Most of the times I am not at all a talkitive person. I believe in observing things rather than speaking about them.

2. I am just a decent, sober and focused girl who is always ready to help and give advices “if needed”.

3. I am the biggest ever fan of Mr. Virat Kohli. His talent, looks and of course his straight drives are seriously hypnotic. I eagerly wish to meet him one day.

4. You have to try really very hard to beat my humour !


1. What is your favorite flower?

A red rose maybe

2. What is your favorite color?


3. When did you start blogging on WordPress?

7th November ‘2019 (07:07 p.m.)

4. Your favorite book?

For me book reading is 90% about reading my textbooks😅. I love them. And as an answer my current favourite is INDIAN FORESTRY: A breakthrough approach to forest service (by K. Manikandan and S. Prabhu)

5. What sports do you do?

I love playing Badminton but I am a die-heart cricket fan too.

(I would like to ask same questions to the people I m nominating)

And now my nominations are:-

All these are some of my favourite bloggers who inspire somehow or the other with their exuberant posts in every field possible.

Once again thank you Era Ma’am for this nomination. You’re amazing. Keep shining !

And thank you for giving this post a read. Stay safe. Have a good day !

Keep reading. Keep supporting. See you🙂.

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A wise advice !

Take a break from your schedule and look around yourself. You’ll end up observing that the people (not all of course) are all ready to pull you down, to criticize you, and to demotivate you.

Everyone wants to win the rat-race no matter how.

Yes competition is good but let’s clarify that “healthy competition is good”. The competition that includes hatred, demotivation, humiliation is not a competition, it’s a war. A war that can be dangerous.


So what to do ?

Help others. Yes that’s the answer, “help others”. Help others because God helps those who help others. And trust me there can be no other wise-advice to achieve the so-called success. Don’t let this unhealthy competition snatch away your morale.

Be an encourager because the world is already full of plenty of critics.

Don’t demotivate and humiliate others but on the contrary help them, to help yourself. When a person pulls someone down he doesn’t realises that he’s hurting himself. He doesn’t accepts that it will certainly cause his self-disrespect. He may not realise it at that moment but it destroys him afterwards.

Which makes more sense ?

And yes I admit that sometimes helping others can trouble you or can interrupt your way but remember the peace you’ll get, the peace you’ll experience after helping the other person, it will make you more happier.

As far as we consider KARMA, it also teaches us that if we’re doing good to others then ultimately the good will happen with us. And so if you do a good deed then I can bet you that God will never ever let anything wrong happen to you. You just need to wait, wait for your turn, wait for “your time”, God has planned something really special for you (touchwood).

Last but not the least with this I would also like to thank for giving this inspirational idea to write about. (Bhai you’re doing a remarkable job). Go and check his blog, he has got some amazing stuff there.

Also with this I hope you all are fine and healthy. Stay home, stay safe and remember help others because because because God helps those who help others.

Keep reading. Keep supporting. See you🙂.

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Moon !

Moon is alone,
but still look at it’s glow.
It teaches us,
to go with the flow.
Teaches us to do a comeback,
no matter if everything gets black.
~Shagun Thakur💫

Eid Mubarak 🌙

Stay home. Stay safe.

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Fly high !

Fly high,
until you reach the sky.
Go far,
and pluck the stars.
People will laugh,
and will raise the graph.
They’ll pull you down,
don’t let them snatch your crown.
They’ll demotivate,
they’ll hate.
But don’t you listen,
and go spark your glisten.

~Shagun Thakur💫

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You’re still exisiting !

Greetings my amiable readers. Today it’s been 6 wonderful months of writing this blog, writing for such great viewers and readers. I wanna express my gratitude and a big big thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog posts💌.

Back to work “Read that title again”. You’re still existing ! You’re still just existing ?

Life is short, very short to just exist. But even a day is enough to “live”. Feel blessed that you got this opportunity, this opportunity to express, to laugh, to love, to explore, to pray, to fight, and to live.

With every morning comes a new page of your life. A page that is blank. It’s totally in your hand that how you fill up that page. How creative you are in filling that page has a major part in deciding your future. And the best part is that the more interest you’ll take in decorating the canvas of your life the more interesting stories you’ll be able to tell to your coming future generations.

💦Do not just watch the raindrops falling down, learn to feel them.

🍃Don’t just give out carbon dioxide and take in oxygen, learn to breath the aroma the atmosphere has.

👀Don’t just see the world, learn to capture the memories ,not in your phone but in your heart.

🚸 Don’t just walk, learn to enjoy every bend that comes throughout your way.

💥Don’t just sit, learn to try everything new that comes to your mind. Do everything that you have or once you had in your bucket list.

🌻 Don’t look at the 100 reasons to be sad about, learn to experience the 1000 reasons to be happy about.

💭Don’t just think, learn to imagine how you’ll celebrate when you’ll have everything once you wished for.

🌝Don’t just smile, learn to be happy.

❤️Don’t just exist, learn to live. Live the one and only life you have. Live the one and only life you’re blessed with.

And there can be no other ending quote other than the one I personally love the most. “You can’t be old and wise, if you were never young and crazy“.

Mind that !

You’re lucky, you’re lucky my friend that you have this life. And the moment you’ll realise it’s importance trust me you’ll become the luckiest.

So so and so LIVE LAUGH and LOVE.

Stay home and stay safe.

Keep reading. Keep supporting. See you🙂.